In this, our first post on The Right Universe, we want to talk a bit about our beliefs to give you, our readers, a chance to decide if you want to keep visiting. In order for you to trust us, we must be real about our position in politics. It doesn’t matter whether or not you agree with us. We are not here to bash any political party, including its candidates or supporters. We’re here to present the truth, regardless of what that means for either side of the political coin.

We are registered as “No Party” voters. Although our leanings are further right, we don’t heavily identify with Democrats or Republicans. In the Presidential election, we voted for Donald Trump because we truly believe that he is for the people. We see great value in an anti-establishment President who puts our country’s economy, safety, and well-being first. We’re tired of being made to feel guilty for wanting what’s best for America and Her people.

As you might have guessed, we no longer have faith in the mainstream media {MSM} and we feel angered by the fact that those who work hard to champion for the truth now face being censored for not parroting the propaganda and lies. We have watched everything that’s manifested since the election, shaking our heads in disbelief. We have no respect for anyone who lacks the integrity to tell the truth. The news outlets we trusted while we were growing up have repeatedly proven that none of them deserve our trust. The MSM and its followers may be among the first to criticize alternative news sources, such as InfoWars {Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson}, Mark Dice, WikiLeaks, and Breitbart, but what those critics must remember is that if the MSM actually did its job of reporting the news as it should be reported, there would be NO need for alternative news sources in the first place. Thank goodness there ARE awesome people out there willing to champion the truth. And we, The Right Universe, have proudly joined those ranks.

As we write subsequent posts for this blog, we will talk more about our backgrounds and experiences to illustrate the reasoning behind our beliefs. This past year has been very difficult for us {and most people}, politically. It is our hope that the President-Elect will restore a sense of unity in our country. No, it won’t be an overnight process, but we live in hope that things will improve in the coming months. The bottom line is…we all really must stand behind him, praying for his success.

After all, his success is our success.


The Right Universe