In the days after the election, someone I considered as one of my closest “friends” suggested that my fiancé and I were KKK sympathizers {who regularly “attend rallies”} and likened us to Nazis, thanks to an article appearing in Newsweek {Fake News}, asking the question “how similar is Donald Trump to Hitler?” Because of this article, a false narrative was born…and perpetuated by everyone who wanted to believe that there were similarities between DJT and Hitler. It doesn’t matter how many people repeat a lie or stand in agreement of that lie; it’s still a LIE. When I was growing up, nobody would ever have compared any American to Adolph Hitler. To suggest that Donald Trump is anything like Hitler is ridiculous. To suggest such a thing about a high school FRIEND one has known for nearly 40 years is highly insulting, considering who we’re talking about.

I find it disturbing that there are people out there ~ including friends ~ who accept the things they read as gospel truth {simply because it validates their hatred} without being open to the facts. While I accept and respect everyone’s right to their beliefs, I have a problem with people choose to share the propaganda after it’s proven to be such. In comparing Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler, mass hysteria ensued following the election. We saw the riots taking place; we saw people crying in fear for what was going to happen when Trump becomes POTUS; we saw displays of hatred and the division. When they named Donald Trump “Person of the Year”, the small print on the magazine cover drew attention to the fact that ours was a “divided nation”, as if to blame the President-Elect instead of the current administration. If anything, Donald Trump has been advocating for UNITY in our country. He has said, time and again, that his new role isn’t about him; it’s about ALL of us moving forward and seeing our country grow/prosper while strengthening our bonds with the world community. 

Let’s talk about the facts:

Hitler – Used racism to rise to power.
Trump – Did not use racism to rise to power. He was never accused of racism UNTIL he ran for POTUS. Further, he’s not racist or anti-Semitic! You only need to look at his cabinet and social circle to see the diversity represented in the people he surrounds himself with. His daughter is a Judaism convert and her children are Jewish! He doesn’t see skin color; he sees people based on their qualities and talents.

Hitler – Proposed mass deportations.
Trump – Proposes mass deportations of ILLEGAL ALIENS because they don’t belong here. He also maintains that anyone who wants to come back to this country is welcome as long as it’s done LEGALLY.

Hitler – Promised to make Germany great again.
Trump – Promises to make America great again by improving the quality of life for ALL Americans AND improving our relationships with other nations around the world while protecting us from those who want to HURT us. {Come on, guys. This was a stretch.}

Hitler – Anti-Jew Fascist.
Trump – Anti-Muslim Fascist. Really? Can anyone not see the LOGICAL difference here? Radical Islamic Terrorists want to kill people who don’t accept Islam as their religion. Trump was NEVER against any Muslim living in America who has assimilated to our culture. He wants to protect us from the terrorists whose only mission is to make Islam a World Religion and kill those who are against them. You only need to search YouTube for videos about the {migrant crisis happening in Europe} to see what’s happening in Germany, Sweden, France, and other countries who have absorbed an influx of migrants. You only need to research the crime statistics of those countries to see the effects these migrants have when they refuse to assimilate to the culture of their host countries.

Hitler – Blames Jews for Germany’s problems.
Trump – Blames immigrants for America’s problems. Again, he’s talking about the ILLEGALS who live here on the taxpayer’s dime and bring crime to our country. He’s talking about the immigrants who pose as refugees to enter our country and kill our people. There’s a DIFFERENCE. Why should we, as citizens, support a group of people who have little or no desire to contribute to our economy or way of life because they expect welfare and government handouts? It’s enough of a challenge to make ends meet and take care of our citizens who need help.

Hitler – Thought Jews should wear special ID’s.
Trump – Accused of saying he wants Muslims to wear special ID’s. He didn’t say this! It’s a product of some questions by a MSM reporter putting a spin on Trump’s answers. This is a prime example of fancy-schmancy editing and failure to report in an accurate context. If you haven’t read the analysis of what was actually said, I invite you to read the following article, MSM Spreads False Claim Trump Wants Special Badges for Muslims. For a further, more detailed analysis, read what Rush Limbaugh had to say ~ Drive-Bys Lie and Claim Donald Trump Said Register All Muslims. These articles illustrate that the truth is out there. It may be more difficult to find, but if you do your research, with an open mind, you’ll eventually find the facts. Above all else, remember this: 1. You are placing YOUR trust in your go-to news source, which gives YOU the right to question their integrity until YOU deem them trustworthy; 2. A source exposed for lack of integrity deserves no audience whatsoever, regardless of its platform or length of time on that platform.

In retrospect, we must consider why we’re hearing that so many people are “afraid” of a Trump presidency. Where did the fear come from? Not Trump, when you consider that what he says is continually blown out of proportion, taken out of context, and edited to fit a false narrative. Those who are against him refuse to even listen to him because they’ve been conditioned to believe the worst about him AND his supporters. Fake news outlets have shown clips of Trump supporters, falsely claiming their responsibility for “violence” against protesters at Trump rallies. But, OOPS! They conveniently failed to mention that the DNC hired people to provoke them, as exposed by Project Veritas. My point is, Trump his supporters didn’t put that fear into those who are afraid. It was the MSM pushing the FALSE narrative that Trump was “literally Hitler” and that his supporters were the ones who perpetrated hate crimes…which were later proved as hoaxes.

Many of the anti-Trump news outlets peddling fake news {known as Corporate Media} are funded by George Soros.  What people must understand is this: Corporate Media controls “the news” because it wants to control the masses. The best way is to control every aspect of peoples’ lives is to divide and conquer. If we are fighting among ourselves, we can’t fight the real enemy. They have created a division in this country like we’ve never seen before. Families and friends have suffered bitter divisions because of POLITICS. It’s what they want because it’s what’s necessary to bring us all closer to the New World Order.

The biggest difference between Adolph Hitler and Donald J. Trump is that the former actually wanted that New World Order. The latter does not. He’s the one who’s trying to save us from it.