To hear some people talk, 2016 was the “worst year EVER”. Y’all know what we mean. It was all over our Facebook and Twitter feeds ~ people comparing the election of PEOTUS Donald Trump and the dozens of celebrity deaths with historical disasters and tragedies. To clarify: we, too, were very saddened by the loss of the celebrities who passed away during 2016 and we’re certainly not saying that their deaths should be dismissed as non-events. There simply has to be some perspective when it comes to making such statements. Consider what other people have experienced throughout this year and/or previous years:

  • Loss of loved ones because of various terror attacks around the world
  • Injury due to being caught up in terror attacks around the world {some of the injured have ALSO lost loved ones}
  • Those who have lost their homes and/or possessions in natural {or other sorts of} disasters
  • Loss of family members due to illness, crime, war, accidents, natural causes
  • Dealing with being diagnosed with a serious illness or suffering with a serious life-changing injury
  • Divorce, abuse
  • Job loss or a cut in income
  • Loss of a child during pregnancy/labor/delivery
  • Substance abuse or addiction
  • Being a victim of a crime
  • Being a Law enforcement officer, first responder or fire fighter who has endured job-related trauma
  • Poverty, homelessness

Ever notice how, at the end of every year, there’s always “those people” who complain about how much the year sucked and that they “can’t wait” for the year to end as if the next year will “magically” stop all the bad shit that happens? Ever consider that these are the same people who complain about everything all year round because they never seem to effect positive change for themselves? They’re willing to cry about all the bad things that happened while “conveniently” forgetting the good things. It’s almost a guarantee that at the end of 2017, they’ll be the same people complaining about how much 2017 sucked and how they can’t wait for it to be over.

We can’t measure the quality of our lives by how many celebrities pass away or whether or not we get what we want. We can feel sad because someone we admired in the entertainment world passed away but it, by no means, has to be a gauge of how well our day, week, month or year goes. We are each responsible for what happens during the moments we’re given. We can make the best or worst of them but it’s ultimately up to us how things play out.

I think that 2017 will be a phenomenal year because I have the power to make it so for myself and my loved ones. I have control of the pen that will write the story of MY coming year. I control how I conduct myself and handle the circumstances or events that happen beyond the boundaries of my world.

We will have a new POTUS on 20 January 2017 and, while I understand that Donald Trump wasn’t everyone’s choice, he was the one who won the Presidency. Those who resist him as their president aren’t hurting anyone except for themselves. I can almost guarantee that he’s not effected by the people who criticize, insult or ridicule him; he’s used to it and, frankly, he’ll be too busy with more important things than worrying about what people are saying about him. If that’s how people want to spend their time, there’s not a lot anyone can do about that. The rest of us will be enjoying the results of his hard work.

Here’s the thing, I’m tired of seeing these people dig their holes, cry, complain, resist, spread vitriol, launch personal attacks, etc. As the first  days, weeks, months of President Trump’s presidency pass, we will undoubtedly endure more of the same shit that followed the election. It’s how WE choose to deal with it that makes a difference in our quality of life.

  • Refuse to engage anyone whose only mission is to argue. That’s what they want. If we treat these people with niceness, they have no ammo with which to fight back.
  • Refuse to be an audience to any outlet spreading propaganda and lies. Stop sharing their articles, buying/subscribing to their publications, visiting their sites, watching their shows/webcasts.
  • Share/promote outlets who are championing the truth.
  • Call out fake news…be prepared to back it up with proof.
  • Refuse to insult or mud-sling in any conversation with someone who disagrees. Do not invalidate your argument.
  • Remove yourself from any toxic relationship or argument as soon as possible.
  • Focus on your life and promote positivity. Keep busy by doing the things you love with those who are important to you.
  • Effect the changes you want to happen in your life. It’s your responsibility after all.
  • Focus on the important things ~ family/friends, health, quality of life, interests, passions, helping others.

Why is 2017 going to be an awesome year? Because each one of us has the power to make that a reality.

Wishing everyone who may read this a very Happy 2017. May it bring you much joy, great health, abundant prosperity, and God’s blessings.

The Right Universe