Yesterday, I shared the video about the young man who was kidnapped and tortured by 4 people in Chicago on my Facebook timeline. I shared it because I noticed {how quiet my Liberal friends and the mainstream media were} about the incident. I didn’t accusatorily shake my virtual fist at anyone. All I said was, “This is disgusting” with the appropriate emojis {anger and tears}. I shared the video from Paul Joseph Watson’s Facebook feed so the source was

The only person who commented said, “Infowars is not a credible source.” *cue headdesk moment*

In the span of maybe 5 seconds, I got angry and frustrated and hit the delete button. Why? Because I have come to have a real problem with the sheer denial of my friends on the Left and I am frustrated by the fact that I can no longer relate to these people. I’ve tried and tried and tried to understand their refusal to acknowledge what’s really going on in reality. This person, a lifelong friend, chose to focus on the fact that she believes nothing reported by Infowars while completely ignoring what was happening in THE VIDEO. What? I’m sorry, but does she actually think that the video was staged by actors?! That it’s a fictional TV show put out there for our entertainment?! If that wasn’t bad enough, the MSM is now reluctant to call it a racist hate crime, convincing me that these people are devoid of logic.

I have a few things to say about certain aspects of this.

  1. I’ve reached a point where I can no longer be an audience to those who choose to remain in their echo chamber of supreme ignorance. There’s a difference between {an intolerant person shutting others out because they don’t respect a difference of beliefs and opinions} and {a tolerant person shutting out those who are completely closed off to logic and reason}. If someone refuses to ever see my viewpoint, why would I waste my breath talking to such a person?
  2. It wasn’t a situation that can be dismissed as “kids will be kids”. Stop downplaying it and call it what it is. It was a racially driven hate crime. It doesn’t matter who says it wasn’t. It doesn’t matter how many people say it wasn’t. It doesn’t matter how many times people say it wasn’t.
  3. The PEOTUS, Donald Trump, is not to blame for this racist hate crime. The outgoing POTUS, Barack Obama, is to blame for this racist hate crime, due to his constant stirring up  of racial tension across the country, his much-flaunted warm ‘n’ fuzzy relationship with the Black Lives Matter movement, AND his refusal to step up and denounce those who perpetrate such crimes.
  4. The racism issue will continue for as long as we interject such labels into any conversation other than a mere factual description of a person. Skin color is a feature, like eye and hair color. When we describe someone as having “brown” hair and “green” eyes, it’s because we’re differentiating them from people with blonde or red hair and blue or brown eyes. When we describe someone’s physical features, we’re not talking about background, race, religion, politics or anything else that might also be relevant to that person. When we stop talking about racism, guess what? It ceases to be a problem! When we stop judging people based on what our ancestors did decades and centuries ago, we stand a better chance at moving past the divisiveness and blame.
  5. We now have a choice when it comes to how we deal with the division in our country. Every day, it becomes clearer that we cannot co-exist if we are constantly battling each other in every aspect. If we can’t move forward TOGETHER peacefully, something will need to happen so that we can live in separate worlds. This is not “intolerance”; this is trying to find a solution that makes everyone happy. I will live happily with anyone who advocates peace, respects differences in beliefs, ideas, opinions, and is willing to work together to achieve the same goals. Two groups of people can’t co-exist if their goals, belief systems, philosophies, methods of getting things done are radically different. IT DOESN’T WORK. There’s nothing wrong with being real about this. The sooner we do something about the divisiveness, the sooner we can heal from and prevent further damage.
  6. Leftists, you must be more open when it comes to really seeing what’s going on. You must stop projecting and stop saying you’re “afraid” of the election of Donald Trump because of the way he’s been portrayed by the mainstream media. He’s not a racist. He’s not anti-Semitic. He’s not dangerous. He’s not advocating for violence from his supporters. Look at the people who are actually guilty of hate crimes and see who’s really perpetuating hate. Look at the people who are issuing death threats and using racist terms. Look at the people who are attacking others for their political beliefs. Look at the people who rioted following the election, damaging businesses, communities and putting people at risk. Be real about where all the hate and vitriol comes from. Remember that the hate crimes allegedly committed by Trump supporters all turned out to be HOAXES. Stop believing everything the mainstream media tells you. They’re LYING to you because they’re establishment media in collusion with the Democratic Party and an evil man called George Soros, who gets his kicks out of creating chaos across the globe. These people have ZERO integrity. If you think they give a shit about you, their audience, you’re mistaken.

In closing, we just want to extend our thoughts and prayers to the young man and his family. We are so sorry you endured such a horrific experience and send you healing vibes. You aren’t alone. God bless you and bring you the peace you deserve. ❤

The Right Universe