It’s not often that I get to hear a group of people discussing one of my blog posts, point by point, but there’s a first time for everything. When I compose a blog post, I do so from my heart and because I think it’s important to share a perspective that maybe some people might not have considered before. Further, I enjoy hearing other perspectives because it opens an opportunity to learn something and perhaps see things in a way I’d not thought of before.

I posted a link to my  Opinion: The Kidnap Video, Stopping Racism, Prayers on and a fellow member, Modwain, commented that he was considering doing a video based on my post. A few days later, he posted another comment with the link to his video. As I listened to it, I found it to be a bit of a surreal experience to see my article on the screen and hearing Modwain read through it a section at a time between each discussion. The group consisted of a diverse group from different parts of the globe ~ Nederlands {Modwain}, Portugal {Carlos}, Canada {Chairview}, U.S. {Magnus & Martius}. All but one of the participants currently have their own YouTube channel {just click on the links to learn more about them}; Martius’ link is to his Twitter account and, to my understanding, he has tentative plans to start his own YouTube channel.

The discussion took place on Google Hangout and, as I have been part of such a discussion group before, I think they’re a great way to return to the art of conversation and share various points of view with others across the internet. The guys who participated had me smiling; they’re interesting, articulate, and they brought up some great points during their discussion. If you would like to listen to discussion, click the link, which will take you to “It’s Wednesday Again” on the YouTube Channel, Tom Sequitur Streams. The discussion is lengthy ~ just under 2 hours ~ but definitely worth a listen.

I would just like to thank everyone who participated in the discussion of my article. I truly appreciate that you took the time to voice your opinions and I enjoyed listening to you!

Peace & God Bless.

The Right Universe