It’s been quite a week.

It seemed like an eternity, waiting for Inauguration Day 2017 to arrive. We counted the days, hours, minutes with such relish. We watched with mixed emotions ~ mostly relief, but also anticipation for the brighter future in store for our great country. And then there was the anger that we tried to not focus so much on. Obama’s time in office had officially ended and, although we knew that his last spiteful acts while in the Oval Office would be amended by our new President, it was the mere fact that he thought so little of his country that made us shake our heads in disbelief. It was the mere fact that his ardent supporters didn’t understand that his “Fuck You” message was directed at them, too; as President of the United States, your actions affect every citizen, not just the ones you intend to target.

Obama’s actions aside, we were angry at those who deliberately set out to disrupt what was supposed to be a “peaceful transition of power”. Could the Obamas and Clintons have done more to discourage the riots taking place in the city? Most definitely. Anyone who believes that the destruction of a city {especially one that’s more representative of the same political party} is going to change anything should know by now that it doesn’t work that way. It only serves to invalidate your argument and validate why you lost in the first place.

“Blame” for the country’s problems gets thrown around a lot. It’s always “someone else’s” fault for the way people think, act, and behave. “Blame” does not solve anything; it only gives people license to perpetuate the problems without accountability. It’s only when we decide to look in the mirror when we’re searching for someone to blame. Every person who set fires, busted business windows, assaulted people, and destroyed whatever was in his/her path is accountable for what s/he did. Nobody forced them to do anything. We always have a choice between being an individual and a follower. We all have the ability to choose how we effect changes in our world.

The bottom line is, Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States of America. He was the Republican party’s candidate. Everyone who has opposed him, from start to finish, has been mercilessly critical of him, his family, and his supporters. He won the election because the American people voted him into the Oval Office. He is in the White House to benefit all American citizens, including those who didn’t vote for him.

Unfortunately, those opposed to him will continue their attempts to sabotage the good work he wants to do for this country. They’ll vow to fight him every step of the way just for the opportunity to see him fail. The only thing these people accomplish is karma. The real puppeteers behind the anti-Trump movement sit back in their corporate offices in their expensive suits, enjoying the luxuries their billions afford them; the “useful idiots” they hire to do their dirty work are the ones who risk serious consequences ~ injury, death, felony records, inability to work, vote, build credit, own homes, etc. Do these people honestly believe that the wealthy puppeteers care about what happens to them? Absolutely not.

President Trump didn’t stop to take a breath following the inauguration ceremony; he went straight to work, intent on keeping his campaign promises and he has done so every day since he entered the White House. I think one of the reasons I was never much into politics before now is because the campaign promises made by any candidate in the past became controlled by the legislative process and the lobbyists. It’s been nothing short of refreshing to watch our new President signing the necessary, important Executive Orders that will fix the urgent problems in our country now. That he is keeping his promises is a huge boost for our morale, which we so desperately need after the last 8 years.

Before I close, I would just like to say one thing. My progressive friends have spent the last year, accusing President Trump of being a narcissist. I’ve listened to him speak and I don’t see anything more than a display of the confidence that’s necessary in the world of business. In his victory and inauguration speeches, he used “we” a helluva lot more than he used “I”. He has always maintained that he wants to give us the country we all deserve to live in and he has never made this about himself. What I want people to understand is this: there’s a difference between {someone only ever speaking about himself and never about anyone else} and {someone who displays the confidence necessary for leadership of a country that he loves and wants to make better for his citizens}. President Trump isn’t a narcissist or any of the other labels he’s been accused of during his campaign. He’s a man who, like those who voted for him, was tired of seeing the country buckle under the weight of its problems and sought the very position that would allow him to put our United States on its rightful path to prosperity.

God Bless President Trump, Vice President Pence, the new Administration, and the American People. We’re finally in a great place that will only improve in the next 8 years.


The Right Universe