Just over a week ago, a liberal friend {Friend 1} of mine posted a long-winded copy/paste post that declared the following:

“Not looking for an argument, but a way to show my friends my beliefs. To allow for us to make our beliefs known and show our support for one another. If your views are different, post them on your own page.”

Friend 1 went on to bash the POTUS and, further, listed a long list of ‘I won’t “work together”…’ statements before adding her name to a list of names of those who posted/shared the post before her. As you can imagine, the “won’t work together” statements were all a product of MSM propaganda, every point debunked or unproven “talking points” reminiscent of the parroting that leftists have done for the past year.

My fiancé {who is also on Friend 1’s FB friend list} rolled his eyes after reading her post. Anyone who has liberal friends has surely found themselves reacting this way to any such post way too many times and, therefore, knows the frustration we both felt. Personally, I’ve resisted the urge to say anything to my liberal friends because:

  1. few are open to different views that aren’t aligned with what they hear from the mainstream media {their gospel truth};
  2. they’re so against the POTUS that they cannot accept that he’s not their enemy;
  3. I refuse to subject myself to the name-calling/abuse/insults that always ensue when anyone disagrees.

Before we ever “speak up”, we know that doing so does no good. We know that we’re only inviting an onslaught of hateful rhetoric and that we will be shouted down until we shut up. It’s like the recent Kermit the Frog memes ~ Me: “Stay quiet; I don’t want/need an argument.”; Also me: “You have to say something to stop the propagation of lies!” The latter was my fiancé last week and he is far too outspoken about politics to say nothing at all. A few points to note:

  1. While he did ignore the part of Friend 1’s post about keeping differing viewpoints only on his timeline, he did so because he saw the hypocrisy of her message ~ ‘Yes, these are my beliefs which I choose to publicize, but you’re not allowed to invade my “safe space” and challenge me. Freedom of speech applies only to me and anyone who agrees with me.’
  2. Although he knew that anything he commented would fall on deaf ears, he felt compelled to counter the points she made in her post. We don’t deliberately set out to start arguments; our engagement in political discussions is to exchange views so that we can all learn something from each other.
  3. Throughout the exchange, he did not launch personal attacks but he was mildly sarcastic when criticizing their ideology. He owns the fact that he could have handled his responses better, but it was hard to stay calm in a situation when 5 people were verbally attacking him. He cited links to articles/videos to substantiate the points he countered and, after a while, he was only addressing Friend 1, since she was the only one NOT insulting him or calling him names. To her credit, she was the only one interested in having a civil discussion.
  4. He ended his participation in the discussion when {as predicted} it was clear that there was little room for debate. {Because when doesn’t this happen?!} Although Friend 1 remained civil throughout the entire exchange, she continued to assert her trust in the MSM and that my fiancé’s reliance on “right-winged conspiracy theorist” sites made his argument invalid.

The thing is, it’s not possible to have a discussion with ONE liberal. My fiancé’s intentions were to only talk to Friend 1, one-on-one. Instead, many of the other liberals on her friend list decided to jump on the proverbial bandwagon and resort to bully tactics when they had nothing intelligent to offer in the debate. They bombarded my fiancé with utter vitriol and hateful names that nobody should ever be called ~ “bottom feeder”, “low-IQ”, “piece of shit garbage”, “inbred”, “leech”, “delusional”, “uneducated”, “idiot”, “white trash”, “insult to white trash”, etc. I don’t care how much one disagrees with another person; referring to a fellow human using any of the above-mentioned terms is cringe-worthy. These people said things like, “Go tend to your meth-lab”, “Go to your KKK rallies”, and “Go to hell!”

Friend 1 actually was civil in the discussion, but she misread some of my fiancé’s comments which led to a gross misunderstanding on her part. Further, in a private discussion between Friend 1 and me, she dismissed my explanation of his comment which told me she believed only what she wanted to believe. She asked me if I thought my fiancé was “isolating” me from my friends, insinuating that I had been sucked into another abusive, controlling relationship. When I told her that my fiancé has met many of my friends and that we regularly socialize with them, she then asked me if they believe what we do. I responded, “Some of them do, but we have liberal friends, too, and that we have no issues with talking to them about politics.”

The next day, I visited Friend 1’s Facebook timeline and found that one of the people {who participated in the discussion the day before} posted an anti-Trump article with a caption directed at my fiancé calling him an “idiot”. My fiancé had been out of the conversation for almost an entire day by that point. I sent my friend a private message telling her that I didn’t appreciate that her friend continued to disparage my fiancé a day later without being provoked. She said she would “take care of it.” A couple of hours later, I noticed that my other “friend” {“Friend 2”, who’s even more Leftist} had responded to my fiancé, mentioning ME by name several times, when I hadn’t personally participated in the post discussion thread. Additionally, in her response, she told him to “piss off” and that I “deserve” to be with him, despite her extremely low opinion of him.

During the course of my private chats with Friend 1, she continued to parrot mainstream media propaganda and minimize Friend 2’s comments to/about me over the past several months. It was blatantly apparent that she didn’t really feel empathy for me and this is something I’ve observed in other leftists ~ the inability to sympathize or empathize with anyone who’s a Trump supporter. It’s almost as if they consider us sub-human and not worthy of having a voice, feelings or opinions. How does one cope with that? It’s like banging one’s head against the wall. We kid ourselves into thinking we’ll get anywhere and, a few minutes into the conversation, we realize why we avoid talking to them in the first place.

Those who feel protective of me have asked me why I have not removed these friends from my life. For me, it’s not as simple as that. I don’t unfriend people because of political differences; I figure, if anyone wants to cease being friends with me, that’s up to the individual. I really don’t mind that Friends 1 and 2 disagree with me; out of 7billion+ people in the world, differences of opinion are bound to happen.

Here’s what I do have problems with:

  • Leftist oppression. I’m all for having friends who listen to/respect my opinions, engage in an intelligent, healthy debate with an open mind; in reality, I don’t want to engage people like those who treated my fiancé so badly. By the end of the discussion on Friend 1’s post, he incurred the venomous wrath of 5 people whose only intent was to shut him up. This is what many {but NOT all!} Liberals do and it’s not fair. Having said that, I think there are too many like me who say nothing because it’s “not worth it” when, really, it is worth it even if only to make ourselves heard. As someone who’s introverted, empathic, a survivor of abuse, and regularly experiences anxiety, panic attacks/PTSD episodes, I tend to get more upset than the average person when it comes to heated exchanges. I recognize that I need to formulate better responses when things escalate, instead of saying nothing at all.
  • Moral bankruptcy. Friends 1 and 2 have been deafeningly silent on important issues such as abortion, crimes against white people {including the kidnapping/torture in Chicago}, rape enablers, Islamic terrorist attacks, corruption, lies, oppression of women and gay people by countries practicing Sharia law, riots that happened post-election, on Inauguration Day, and across the country that resulted in destruction of property and people harmed/put at risk, legalization of child prostitution in California, arrests made in pedophile ring raids in the past month. Instead, they’re furious about: the way President Trump speaks, that President Trump didn’t change his Twitter cover image immediately after inauguration, the “Travel Ban” {because he’s “against all Muslims”}, that he has “taken away gay rights”, that he “mocked a disabled reporter”, the fact that Kellyanne put her feet on an Oval Office sofa…and anything else the MSM lies about.
  • Revisionist history. While Friends 1 and 2 accuse my fiancé and me of being racist Nazis, they have chosen to ignore the history of the Democratic Party and their part in slavery, and the KKK. They ignore that the Democrats and MSM are funded by a wealthy globalist who aided the Nazis in World War 2. They ignore that Hillary Clinton named Robert Byrd {who was a member/recruiter of the KKK} one of her “mentors”. They ignore that Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to “exterminate” certain groups of people {as outlined in several quotes}.

I’m writing this post because I know that there are many out there who will read this and relate to it very well. The questions:

  • How are we supposed to co-exist with people we can’t talk or relate to? How do we deal with people who demonize us for our support of President Trump?
  • Should we simply sever ties with anyone ~ relatives or friends ~ who shouts us down or bullies us when we state our beliefs or opinions? Or remain oppressed to “keep the peace”?
  • How do we deal with the daily “tantrums”? Or do we?
  • How is it fair that we fear being attacked for wearing patriotic clothing? How do we protect ourselves without escalating a situation?

I conclude this post by expressing my deepest regret for not supporting my fiancé in Friend 1’s post discussion. I should have. I stayed silent because I didn’t want their vitriol directed at me, but maybe that’s the problem. Maybe the best way to handle this is to remain calm while openly calling these people out by highlighting their inability to contribute intelligently to a conversation. We all have the right to express what we think and we can’t allow them to bully us or shout us down.  This is how THEY silence us. And if we let them, they win.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” ~ Bishop Desmond Tutu