The insanity continues.

I knew it was coming. I KNEW it. The irony is that I actually tweeted about it weeks ago, but then I deleted it because I thought maybe I would be wrong. But no, I wasn’t wrong. It’s really is happening.

To anyone who believes that we should be mindful of those who are “offended” by Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I say this:

There isn’t a good enough reason to cater to this insanity. Not ONE. I don’t normally make it a practice to go around offending people, but there’s a big difference in offending people on PURPOSE and offending people who CHOOSE to be offended by every fucking thing on God’s green Earth. We’re talking about a day devoted to honoring the women who gave birth to us. Not those who “identify” as mothers. Not gay fathers who have adopted children {which, by the way, there actually IS Father’s Day for that!}. Not transgendered people who feel “left out” by this celebration of mothers.

We have been honoring our mothers on Mother’s Day since 1914 ~ a whole 103 years! What about those of us whose moms are no longer with us? What about those who don’t have close relationships with their mothers? Those who have gotten through Mother’s Day, year after year without much at all to celebrate, never attempted to infringe upon the rights of everyone else.

Mother’s Day is not an easy day for me or my fiancé; my mother passed away just over 3 years ago and my fiancé does not have a close relationship with his mother. Although we still have reasons to celebrate ~ I am a mom and grandma ~ we both still find some aspects of Mother’s Day difficult, due to our circumstances…but that’s okay! We survive every year because we’re tough people who respect the rights of others to celebrate.

Please stop feeling guilty about the celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. In denying a child’s right to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, you are sending a subtle message that it’s something to be ashamed of. And it ISN’T. We all have the right to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Veterans Day, etc. without guilt attached by those who choose to be offended. Stop catering to those who are offended; you’re NOT helping those people by your willingness to “protect” their feelings. Whenever we stop anything out of fear of offending others, we are perpetuating the OPPRESSION at OUR EXPENSE.

Non-traditional families? Fine. But when non-traditional families attempt to dispense with the traditions honored by many, it lessens the collective capacity for understanding. And rightfully so.