Every day I get more disgusted with the news. Even in the days before we were bombarded with a shit ton of information, the “bad” news seemed occasional. Or maybe the MSM back then  covered up a lot of stuff {which is more likely the case}.

We are a divided nation, many are woke and the rest are not. Those of us who are woke can see both sides of the argument; the rest only {want to} see one side, regardless of how much we try to enlighten them. We understand the concept of “divide and conquer”. We’re aware of the fact that the globalists want us fighting among ourselves so that we don’t “rise up” against them.

I’ve lost faith in so many people I trusted, close friends included. I’ve seen the true colors of many people and, quite frankly, I feel disconcerted by the ones who were actually wearing masks to hide their true character. We live in a time in which morality is at an all-time low. I have never in my life witnessed anything like what has happened in recent months. The scale of government corruption before President Trump took his place in the White House has been mind-boggling.

I feel sickened by the lack of respect for our Commander-in-Chief. I feel sickened by the way “feminism” has evolved into a population of people who hate on just about everyone. Seriously. Who haven’t the “new feminists” beat up on? As if that weren’t enough, there’s a new form of racism against white people. There seems to be a “war” on everything and everyone. The globalists are creating mass chaos and confusion to keep everyone focused on the hatred and distract people from what they’re really trying to get away with. They’re trying to push everyone to the brink of needing a serious intervention and, when that happens, we’re fucked. Royally fucked.

Our dear President, bless him, is pulling back the proverbial carpet that everything was swept under and having to sort out the mess he “inherited” by the previous administration. It’s the classic cycle of abuse ~ putting obstacles in his way to make his job harder and more time-consuming and then criticize him for not “keeping his campaign promises”. We, who support him, see his progress because we know what he’s up against. Those who see nothing happening rely only on the news outlets who don’t report accurately on his progress. The bottom line is, he is making amazing progress.

What people must understand is that this country is a work-in-progress. Healing from the last 8 years is not an over-night process. Still, President Trump has turned things around and he will continue to do so over the next 8 years. We all need to stay on the TrumpTrain and hang on tight; it’s gonna be one helluva ride.