…here we are again. Dealing with the aftermath of another terrorist attack in the United Kingdom. This time, young girls simply trying to do the things that give them some joy in their lives ~ attending a concert to see their favorite singer perform their favorite songs.

I remember my first concert many years ago. I was the exact age of the youngest victim of this attack ~ 8 years old. It was in an open-air stadium and I was too small to see anything, but I didn’t care. I was at an Osmond/Heywoods concert. I liked both bands, but I was there for Donny. I don’t remember much about it, other than a lot of screaming and debating a friend about who was the better band as we left the stadium. My ears were probably ringing. I was probably wearing purple. I floated for weeks afterwards, having been the closest I’d ever been to Donny Osmond. My awareness was limited, but I never thought about the possibility of never going home from that concert. Who ever does? We associate dangerous activities with skydiving or some other such extreme sport. We watch our military deployed to dangerous war zones and try to not think about them never coming home.

Those girls anticipated that concert for weeks, probably counting the days until it happened. They spent their last hours enjoying themselves, listening to the music they loved in a live performance. They sung along. They danced. They giggled. They cheered. They admired. They screamed for more. They offered their adoration in the form of applause and waves. They looked forward to talking about their experiences in the days to come. What they didn’t expect was what happened.

When that bomb detonated, it became a {before that night} and {after that night} pivotal experience in which life, as they knew it, changed forever. They can no longer think about that concert in the way it was supposed to be remembered. The families of those who perished will somehow have to move on from this tragedy filled with all the “what if” moments and the haunting thoughts on the “what would have been” milestone occasions.

BUT!!! Wait a minute. What’s that? We’re not supposed to be angry about this? Oh, of course! Our outrage and right to express that outrage gets shut down by those who worry more about being offended and offending those responsible for the attack. Heaven forbid we offend them. Never mind that we’ve experienced a horrific attack with a massive loss of innocent lives. Nobody seems to care about our pain or heartbreak. Nobody seems to care what we think, what we want or for our safety.

While these governments are busy promoting “multiculturalism” and “inclusiveness” from their secure fortresses that are heavily guarded, they’re showing how little they care for the people who don’t have the luxury of control over their living environment or personal security to protect themselves. They’re not directly affected by the threats posed by terrorism. Their posh neighborhoods aren’t overrun by the huge numbers of migrants flowing across their borders with zero intent to assimilate to the culture of their host countries. These people have no place to go and few prospects for a life inside of a foreign country. But that’s okay! They’ll just “make do” and make adjustments…even if it means forcing people out of their homes to accommodate the new people…and expecting their citizens to “learn to live” with the sudden spike in crime rates. Not a problem! Their citizens are welcoming and inclusive {because they force them to be}.

When do the citizens finally get their say? You know, the citizens that were born in those European countries; the citizens who hold down jobs, contribute to society and the economy by buying goods and paying taxes; the citizens who don’t pose a threat to other citizens. Why aren’t their voices heard? Why are they afraid to speak up about what happens in their country? Why should they accept these attacks as “part and parcel” of {city} life? Why don’t the governments stand up and decide that they’re going to put their citizens’ needs above the needs of people from other countries? Why don’t the governments accept that some cultures can’t peacefully co-exist and, instead, help the migrants in their own countries?

So basically, there are varying opinions {depending on which group we ask} about letting refugees into America and Europe. Each group with a differing opinion has its own reasons for that opinion:

  • Patriots/Nationalists want extreme vetting of anyone who comes to live in our countries due to: a/ our overall safety from any threats of terrorism; b/ making sure that those who come to our country are willing to assimilate to our culture; and c/ the belief that our citizens come first.
  • Liberals/Left-wingers want open borders and the acceptance of refugees to show that they’re “inclusive” and embrace “multiculturalism” at any cost. They either don’t see or don’t believe the threat of terrorism exists, but they would rather compromise their safety than to appear Islamophobic, racist, etc.
  • Democrat Politicians want open borders for a multitude of reasons ~ they think it brings in more votes for them, albeit illegal votes; they want countries to descend into chaos so that martial law comes into play, hence one step closer to their desired New World Order.
  • Globalists want to rule the world and control the entire world population under a New World Order. They have the money to throw around, getting people to do their bidding {so their hands don’t get dirty}.

What separates the patriots/nationalists from the other 3 groups is that we’re the only ones who care about the safety of all citizens. We believe in closed borders, but with strong diplomatic relationships with the worldwide community. We believe that all citizens should come first in their respective countries. We chose a man we believe would lead our country toward a better, safer future. Thank goodness enough people used their voices at the voting booth in November 2016 and that we now have a President who champions for our safety.

To borrow a comment I made on a Facebook post, in response to a friend who said that getting angry solves nothing: “Anger is not necessarily a negative emotion; it depends on what we do with that anger. If we let our anger fester and do nothing, that’s bad; if we act out in revenge, that’s also bad…but, if our anger leads us to effect a change for the better, that’s the sort of anger I mean.”

I can’t imagine the idea of my children never returning home from a concert. We can’t continue to shake our heads, in helplessness, every time something like this happens. We can’t stand idly by while those we vote into government positions continue to make the sorts of decisions that lead to fatal consequences for our fellow citizens.

It’s time we took back our countries from those who have zero respect for our culture, citizens, beliefs, and laws before anymore lives are lost.

Until next time…

Peace. ❤

The Right Universe