Every day, we see and hear things more shocking than the day before. It’s almost like Liberals, Democrats, and the MSM are consistently trying to outdo themselves in terms of hatred, oppressing conservatives, and showing their already off-the-charts lunacy. Every day, I find it a struggle to not be lumbered down by the bombardment of negativity. As much as I want to tune out to what’s going on, I can’t not know.

On any given scroll down my Twitter news feed, I find myself more and more horrified by what I read. Today, it was “that photo” of Kathy Griffin in one of the most vile visual displays of disrespect toward our President I’ve seen to date. To anyone who has ever seen an image of an ISIS member holding a human head, you’ll understand just how offensive it is, and here we have a has-been D-list “celebrity” “comedienne” emulating ISIS. With a mock-up of our President’s head. Our President. What the hell was she thinking when she did that? I mean, we know what she was thinking, but how could she even, for a moment, think that was a good idea? Whatever anyone thinks about President Trump and his family, what she did was not acceptable. Our President has a young son and grandchildren who should never see such a picture of their {grand}father. Those children are innocent victims in all of this and when anyone attacks President Trump, it’s the children who love him that suffer.

Justifiably, there’s outrage, even by other Liberals. It’s more than just this one picture. Much more. When I think of everything that’s happened since 8 November 2016, when WE, the PEOPLE rejected what the Democrats had to offer our country in the form of Hillary Clinton, WE, the people, have plenty to be pissed off about. We showed up at the polls. We voted for the real HOPE and CHANGE offered by Donald Trump. We spoke. We chose our President. Fuck the “popular vote” protest. Donald Trump won the popular vote. Take a look at the county map. RED WON. The blue votes were grossly misrepresented by illegal, fraudulent, and deceased voters. Hillary Clinton LOST a rigged election in which facts were distorted by the MSM. The silent majority did not want her as our president.

Going on 7 months, post-election, we have a legacy of hatred, created by Obama {but blamed on President Trump}. Liberals can’t see the wood for the trees. They continue to project their beliefs, their vitriol, their acts of hatred onto us conservatives. Every “hate crime” is eventually debunked as a fraud. They’re “fearful” of the wrong fucking things and, to this day, nobody can explain to me what they’re so afraid of. Liberals live in a country where they can PEACEFULLY speak out against the government and protest without consequence. They blindly defend the terrorists who would sooner bomb them in response to their tolerant, inclusive love and support. Terrorists don’t discriminate. They don’t care about the identities of their casualties. THEY. DON’T. CARE.

This glorification of terrorism in the name of “multiculturalism” and “inclusiveness” must stop. This disrespect for our President and those who voted for him must stop. This rampant hatred towards those who disagree with what the Liberals stand for must stop.

Anyone who refuses to accept our President and live by the laws of our Constitution is free to go live elsewhere. Hell, I wholeheartedly support secession. Don’t like this country? Pick a state, move there, and secede. We’ll build a nice new wall in between, too. That way, Liberals can stay in their “safe spaces” and leave the rest of us to Make America Great Again.

A final word to Ms. Griffin {and any other celebrity who has used their platform similarly}:

When you were given a public platform, you were given a gift. There are many people who wish for access to a platform like yours to spread messages of positivity and inspiration. I am one of them. Every day, I work to reach the many women who are victims of domestic abuse. It has taken me years to build up even a small following…but I’ll continue my efforts to expand anyway. If and when I get there, I’ll cherish my gift and use my platform wisely.

I get angry when I see such platforms abused. You have the ability to reach the masses because of your status and recognizability. You can spread messages of hope and inspire people to do great things. You can create positive ripples in this world, making it better, kinder, and more compassionate. You can use your platform to inspire people to rally behind the President so that he doesn’t have so much to fight against while he tries to make real progress. Haven’t you learned that in disrespecting President Trump, you’re also disrespecting the majority who voted for him and stand in support of him? You have the platform to OPEN A DIALOGUE with him and TELL HIM directly how you feel. He’s proven time again that he LISTENS to people. You would make much more of an impact by talking to him instead of spreading such vitriol. Use your platform wisely. You accomplish nothing by creating negative ripples.


The Right Universe