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#Covfefe Caffeination

Ya gotta hand it to our President ~ when he trends, he trends hard. This week, he coined a new term in a tweet that had everyone talking about it and applying their own definitions. To us, it sounded more like “coffee” than anything, which prompted me to jump on Zazzle and design a mug ~ that says “Nothing Makes Sense Before #Covfefe”. And now, you can have a #Covfefe mug of your very own, available through our brand new store on Zazzle. We will definitely add new merchandise in keeping with the Presidential trends as they happen. It’s going to be an interesting 8 years, with many more trends along the way.

For now, 2 mugs are available ~ the first being our version of #Covfefe* and the second, sporting our very own logo*. Zazzle’s currently offering selected products at 25% off, with the code: ZAZZLEGIFT50. How great is that? One of our products at 25% off! What are you waiting for? Go buy our stuff. You’ll be happy with your cool new mug and we’ll be happy and most appreciative of your support.

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*{These are affiliate links to the mugs in our store. While I do not currently own either of these mugs, I have previously owned a mug from Zazzle and I can personally vouch for its quality. I do not review, link to, endorse, or recommend any products that I would not buy or personally use.}