This is not a letter from {someone who has no vested interest in Europe}. My daughter was born in the United Kingdom; I have many friends in the U.K. and scattered across Europe. I lived in the U.K. for nearly 2 decades.

As we, around the world, watch one terrorist attack after another…as we, around the world, watch migrants pouring into your countries {with zero intention of assimilating}, causing your crime and death rate soar, I want you to know that we are heartbroken for you. None of us can imagine the fear you must have as you bravely navigate your daily life, hoping and praying that the terrorism that has been normalized on your country’s soil does not touch you or those you love and cherish. If I had my way, it would never threaten you, your families, friends or way of life.

You are not helpless. You need not be silenced into submission. You can and must effect change if you’re to save your country and its unique culture for future generations. You must first acknowledge that you have a problem. And, my friends, you do have a problem. Find your allies because I’m willing to bet that there are more of you than you think there are. How can there not be many more people who feel the same way you do? Unfortunately, you’ve been conditioned to feel afraid of admitting anything at all because they don’t want you to band together against them.

Once you’re among those you trust, talk about real solutions to the problems, starting with identifying those who are doing nothing and those who would absolutely take action, given the right positions or roles. Pay close attention to the people you vote into positions of power and always vote for the candidates who value what’s best for your country and its fellow citizens, not the ones who prioritize the citizens of other countries. That’s not racist or bigoted; it’s common sense.

Use your voice at every election to keep corruption out of your government. Don’t fall prey to the lies and propaganda told by the media. Do your research to find the truth. Fight for your country. Get woke.

This is a battle worth fighting.

Until next time…

The Right Universe