Here are our picks of the most outrageous news items we’ve seen from our Social Media news feeds and a brief commentary for each.

Report: Swedish Women Prove Their Tolerance By Having Sex With Refugees – Will those crazy Liberal progressives stop at nothing to show their tolerance? These are the people who cry about the terrorist attacks, change their profile pictures “in support” of the city or country where they take place, and tweet shit like “My thoughts and prayers go out to the Muslims who may experience hate crimes because of this attack”. Like that’s going to make a damned bit of difference. If radical Islamic terrorism {God forbid} ever touches your family, how “tolerant” will you be then? You think the terrorists are going to spare your life because you show them compassion, tolerance, and willingly welcome them into your country?

And then, just when I thought I’d heard it all, I saw this about Swedish women having sex with refugees. What about the women who were gang-raped by these refugees on the soil of their birth country? Those women didn’t have a choice one way or another, because they were forced. What you’re doing is a slap in the face to them after suffering such a horrific experience. Do you not realize why the refugees are so willing to have sex with you? They want you to have their children. They want to populate your country with more Muslims and you’re cooperating with them! They want to wipe the Swedish people out of existence so that they can claim your country as their own. Your consent to having sex with them is not tolerance. It’s stupidity.

Students Now Claim Louisiana State University’s Tiger Mascot is ‘Racist’ and ‘White Privilege’ – Little by little, we’re losing more and more of the things that represent our history and culture. First, it was the monuments taken down in New Orleans and now it’s the mascot of Louisiana State University.

Seriously, before this year, nobody felt offended by the tiger that represented our State University. On any given day, we Louisianians can’t go anywhere without seeing numerous people wearing LSU t-shirts or baseball caps. Most cars have LSU bumperstickers. The LSU t-shirt-wearing-population increases during football season. Our stores have massive displays for LSU and the Saints. Nobody here has ever been triggered by the tiger. But NOW, it’s a problem? Bullshit. Here we have the problem of people looking for crap to feel offended about. If LSU changes its mascot to appease {the offended}, the university will most likely lose a lot of respect from those who have spent their lives ardently supporting it. We cannot keep caving to these unjustifiable demand for such changes. At some point, we’re going to have to start standing our ground against the sheer arrogance of the people who believe they’re entitled to demand such unrealistic changes.

Chaos as Muslim Attacks Spanish Wedding Ceremony Crying ‘’Allahu Akbar!’’ – They execute Christians who refuse to accept Islam, they destroy religious statues in/outside of churches, and now this ~ disrupting a couple’s wedding ceremony in Spain. While the Liberals are crying out in favor of tolerance of Muslims, they refuse to accept the fact that radical Muslims don’t reciprocate in the least. Tolerance works both ways, but the belief systems are polar opposites. Co-existence is impossible with any ideology that’s based on killing non-believers. How can we peacefully live with people whose ideology enables them to terrorize us in public places? How is it okay that a couple can’t have a wedding in a church without a horrific disruption. Any country with a government whose priority is not the protection of its citizens so that things like this never happen needs a new government.

BREAKING : 5,000 Canadians March in Support of President Trump and FLASHBACK: Londoners Chant “Donald Trump, We Love You!” (Video) – And finally, I wanted to end this news compilation on a good note. We have Canadians marching in support of President Trump and Londoners chanting their love for him. This warms my heart because I love seeing that there are woke people in other countries. People see the good that President Trump is doing in our country {even more so than the Libs and Democrats in America!} and they’re loudly declaring to their own governments that they want the Trump Effect, too. Who can blame them for wanting all the winning he’s promised  ~ and is delivering to ~ us? I would gladly exchange the patriotic Trump supporters in other countries for the Leftist Liberal loons in this one. As far as I’m concerned, they can all go be loony elsewhere and leave us to all our winning. To the Canadians who marched for Trump and the Brits who chanted their love for him, I give you a YUGE “Thank You” for showing your respect. Y’all rock. ❤

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Peace and God Bless!

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