Today’s post contains a collection of tweets seen on our Twitter news feed, handpicked for commentary of WTF news items.

Without further ado…

So, apparently one of Saturday’s London terrorists appeared in a 2016 documentary about jihadists. He was known to authorities and to the media. Although I haven’t seen this documentary, I have to wonder…why even do the documentary if there were no plans to deport those they featured in it or use the information to prevent future attacks? It’s almost like they were highlighting jihadism as though it were a new “British thing” that viewers needed to see…you know, as a “tour” of “what people are up to now” sort of thing. The featured terrorists obviously didn’t care that their identities were known to the British public; they carried out their plans for an attack anyway. What did the government and law enforcement expect? Did they think these people were just role-playing or doing reenactments of previous attacks? This isn’t just something you parade in front of the viewing public for entertainment purposes. Let’s hope the British government starts taking these people seriously. And soon. Ramadan doesn’t end until 25 June.

The sheer arrogance of this man…so he thinks that because he has called for the British Government to cancel President Trump’s state visit, they’re going to “obey”? Oh, oh, oh…the Mayor of London doesn’t want the U.S. President to visit and, therefore, we must honor bow down to him and cater to his wishes? Gee, I don’t know, Mr. Mayor. Methinks you don’t want him in your country because his policies on immigration highlight what you’re not doing for your people. You’re too busy defending and normalizing terrorism to care what happens to your citizens who, pretty soon, are going to get real tired of your twisted priorities. That is, if they’re not already.

While I don’t agree with everything Piers Morgan says, he’s spot on here and, frankly, more people must start asking the hard questions of those who turn a blind eye to what’s happening in Europe. Don’t let these people continue to be elusive when it comes to answering questions. How anyone can sit there gloss over the fact that they’re allowing people back into the U.K. after leaving to fight in Syria {against U.K. troops!!} and aren’t even surveiling them is totally beyond me. “What? Are we watching these people? Well…you see, our budget doesn’t allow us to prioritize this sort of intelligence…blah, blah, blah…” So what you really mean is, “I’ve been put into this position to make sure nothing is done about terrorism.” Right? Yes, I thought so.

I included this one for the sake of amusement, but also because I have something to say about it. Here we have Jerry Seinfeld, minding his own business, talking to a reporter. Enter Kesha who decides to put him on the spot for the sake of a “photo-op” and exposure for herself. It wasn’t because she admires Jerry Seinfeld or else she would have gone about it differently. You don’t just waltz up to a veteran celebrity and pressure him to give you a hug. The proper thing to do what have been to wait until the interview was over and then introduce yourself to him to talk away from the spotlight. It’s more genuine and sincere that way…and he might have obliged you a cursory hug. Who wants their personal space intruded upon for a fake hug just because there’s a camera present? All of that said, I could not deal with all the false crap in celebrity world where intentions are blurred. Good on you, Mr. Seinfeld, for not catering to Kesha’s narcissistic need for exposure. Maybe she’ll think before doing that again.