Ever since the Women’s March the day after President Trump’s inauguration, I have struggled with the twisted logic of this “cause”, organized by someone who strongly advocates for Sharia Law. The same women who demonized President Trump for the remarks he made during his hot mic moment think nothing whatsoever of wearing hijabs {a symbol of oppression since the ’70’s!}, dressing up in obscene pussy costumes, wearing pussy hats, and parading their children around such a perverse atmosphere. There were celebrities talking about blowing up the White House and their blood-stained sheets {ew!}. It was a day of cringe-worthy behavior, displayed by women across the country {many of whom didn’t even know why they were marching in the first place!}.

Further, their boasts about inclusiveness fell rather short when it became apparent that “not all” women were welcome…like conservative-minded pro-lifers. So, these so-called “feminists” who advocate for women’s rights and pro-choice do so wearing symbols of oppression, protest anti-Sharia marches and movements. They do so in a country where they’re free to protest while they sport fresh manicures/pedicures and sip expensive drinks from Starbucks. At the end of their marches, they can go back to their nice homes, driving their nice cars, and enjoy their freedom to wear whatever they want, do what they want, go where they want. They have zero regard for the truly oppressed women who can’t go in public without a male chaperone, get stoned for being raped, suffer genital mutilation and honor killings or wear anything that exposes hair or skin. They protest Sharia Law without consideration for what it means. They bash successful conservative women who support President Trump. The bottom line is, they don’t stand for women’s rights. They really don’t represent women as a whole. They only care about their own needs being met. They bash everyone they vehemently oppose. They are selective about who they allow into their so-called “sisterhood”. Quite frankly, theirs is a sisterhood I want no part of, thankyouverymuch.

Common Core was the WORST thing to happen to math. Adding a gazillion steps to a simple math function should never have happened and, with any luck, Common Core will fade into obscurity like it never even happened. Because it never should have seen the light of day. Don’t fuck with math. It’s challenging enough for many of us.

This #Arrest500 proposal{?} would be awesome. For months now, we’ve been waiting for the arrests of many high level politicians who have continually been proven to break the law. I always understood that it was never going to be an overnight process. President Trump has not had an easy time getting everyone in his Cabinet approved. I think that, for any meaningful arrests to happen, he first had to have Jeff Sessions, Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch in place AND replace James Comey with a new FBI Director. With someone like Comey heading up the FBI, any arrests made wouldn’t have gone very far. Now that he’s gone and Christopher Wray appointed {although not confirmed at this writing}, hopefully our POTUS can get on with the ugly task of bringing justice to those who have escaped it for so long. Stock up on the popcorn, folks. I think that once the arrests begin, we’re going to be seeing the Democrats turn on each other as they attempt to bargain for more lenient sentences. The corruption is probably 100 times worse than any of us could ever imagine.

I don’t have that much to say about this other than how disgusting this man is. We’re supposed to take him seriously as a Senator and he’s up there saying the most awful things about Carl and Rob Reiner. Joking about this sort of thing does not normalize it, especially now that we are woke to the Pedogate crap that’s come to light since November 2016. You Hollywood types can joke about it all you want, like it’s no big deal. The rest of us are not laughing.

Sooo…what kind of a messed up world has this become that those in place to take care of the country’s citizens take zero action against terrorists and, instead, devote their time prosecuting people speaking their minds on social media? In which universe does this even make sense? Seriously, folks…it’s like they’re all being paid to look the other way when people have been killed {so as not to offend the terrorists}. They’re putting innocent people in danger and expect them to keep quiet about it. I wonder what would happen if any one of them lost a friend or family member in a terror attack. Ohhhh, that’s right. Those in government are protected from that sort of thing. They don’t live by the same rules which makes what they’re doing easier. I don’t know how they sleep at night with all that blood on their hands.

At least a few Democrats have some sense.

I included this for no other reason than to show how awesome this is. I especially love that this happened in California and hope a few Trump supporters got to drink some Liberal tears as a result.