To the Democratic Party…

Stop. Just stop what you’re doing.

Your chosen candidate for the Presidency lost, fair and square. The Russians didn’t force 63+ million patriotic Americans to vote for Donald Trump. We voted for him because we were all ready for what he has to offer our Country and its citizens ~ the hope and change promised by the previous administration, but was never delivered.

That your candidate refused to face her loyal supporters after her defeat was pretty indicative of what was ahead of us. We, who voted for Trump, have watched how you handle defeat…and it’s not been pretty. If anything, we’re more convinced that we made the right choice in electing him as our President and extremely thankful that your candidate is not in the White House. Instead of conceding and focusing on the failings of your candidate and party, you have chosen to continue throwing tantrums and promoting the divisiveness that plagues this country 7 months post-election.

Do you think that your behavior is going to change anyone’s minds? That we’re suddenly going to realize how “wrong” we were for voting for Trump? Do you think that what you’re doing inspires us to switch parties? Do you honestly believe that you’re endearing yourselves to the American people by working against President Trump?

You, as a party, have a duty to your supporters and constituents. You lead by example. Whatever you do on your platform, your supporters will most certainly follow suit. If you call for violence in the streets and refuse to disavow yourselves from those attacking innocent people, you will continue to create civil unrest. You, appearing “lost” as a political party, give no direction for those who support you. What you should be doing is calling upon your supporters to stop the violence and support our President. What you should be doing is standing UNITED with our President and advocating for peace. What you should be doing is making your supporters understand that, if they continue to riot, attack/threaten innocent people, they will suffer the legal consequences of their actions. What you should be doing is standing with law enforcement and the military. Don’t blame Trump supporters for hatred, violence, and intolerance. We’re not the ones displaying those things. We’re tired of projection and blame. We’re tired of being shouted down, attacked, threatened, and intimidated for our beliefs and support of President Trump. We’re tired of being called fascists by the real fascists. So enough already.

Whether you realize it or not, you’re playing a very dangerous game. It’s similar to the effects of passive parenting. Let a child do whatever s/he wants to do and, eventually, s/he will be difficult impossible for either parent to control. So you continue to incite hatred and violence among your supporters, they’ll eventually become ungovernable…even for YOU.

And then what?

The Right Universe