Let’s get one thing straight.

We don’t hate. When we stand up for our beliefs, when we speak out against issues, actions, ideologies, beliefs, tragedies, etc., when we effect the changes we want to see in the world, when we disavow…we do so for the greater good of humanity, our future generations included. We push back because it’s the right thing to do.

Each of us represents a side. Each of us gives a voice to the overall message of the side we support. We are extensions of the people who peddle a message. We support those we most identify with.

Broken down, there’s a side advocating for hatred, oppression, destruction, divisiveness, dishonesty, corruption, death. The message you spread comes from people who don’t give a damn about you. They’re using YOU as pawns in their game of power, “pawn” being the operative word. Pawns are the expendable pieces in a game of chess. You take the fall, while they keep the power and the money. They keep you uninformed for a reason ~ so that you keep doing their bidding, dirtying your hands while they sit back in their billion-dollar mansions untouched. Their ultimate goal is to create chaos so that nobody succeeds…except for them. They will continue to keep you down so that you never get anywhere. They demand your focus away from what’s important to you. What are you accomplishing? Nothing. They’ve turned you against the good side so that you don’t defect.

Then, there’s our side…the one advocating for love, peace, truth, unity, safety, life, freedom, happiness, compassion, celebration, personal success. Our message is everything that yours is not. We don’t resort to violence, we abhor it. We recognize threats to our safety and do not welcome people whose sole intent is to harm us and our loved ones. That’s not hatred, that’s putting value on our way of life and well-being. There’s a difference. We reject corruption because it only benefits those who abuse their power. We reject political correctness oppression because it only creates a world in which nobody can speak out of fear of offending “someone”. Why impose such rules on society? We do what we do for the preservation of our country and Her people, for the future of the family unit and a safer world for our children. We do what we do because we don’t want what’s happening now to become more normalized…and worsen.

Don’t demonize Katie Hopkins. Whether or not you agree with her, she’s an advocate of the people. She is outspoken and that’s a good thing because she says what people need to hear. We cannot afford to sugar-coat the reality we face. We either fight for change or be beaten into submission and trampled to death.

I unapologetically choose the former.

Peace. ☮

The Right Universe