No, CNN. We won’t stop using the term “fake news”. You are a joke. You don’t know the meaning of the word “truth”. The proof that has exposed you as fake news has killed your credibility. The Project Veritas American Pravda tapes were not taken “out of context”; you said what you said. Stop insulting our intelligence. We’re woke. You’ve dug your own hole. Own it.

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John Bonifield, CNN Supervising Producer, talking about the Russia story: “I mean, it’s mostly bullshit right now. Like, we don’t have any giant proof.”

You and your news network have no right to call yourselves “journalists”. So stop.

Van Jones, CNN Political Commentator: “The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger.”

A true “political expert” speaking in a professional capacity on a news network should state facts, never opinion. I once knew a “political science” student who was nothing more than a left-wing propaganda peddler. Why formally study political science if you refuse to keep an open enough mind to see both sides of the political coin? So, because you were a political science student, the rest of us are supposed to bow down to your “expert” opinion? Bullshit. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve wasted your money.

Mr. Jones, excuse me if I don’t take your partisan “expertise” seriously.

Thank God we have a President who puts our national security first. Thank God we have a President who recognizes that we can’t keep importing terrorists who try to pass themselves off as “refugees”. Thank God we have a President who is taking care of the things that desperately need to be fixed. Thank God for President Trump who is making America great again.

If HRC had won the Presidency, we would be experiencing what life is like for the people of France.

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*Heavy sigh* France, France, France…what are you doing? No-go zone alerts is not an adequate tool for personal safety. You know what would be? Deportation of the people who threaten your safety! Take your country back! It doesn’t belong to the people who forbid you to go into their “zones”. If a criminal entered your home and forbade you to enter one of your rooms, would you stand for it? I didn’t think so.

Again, you’re losing your identity and way of life. You are oppressed. You are giving up the right to celebrate your religious festivals. We are watching your country with broken hearts. Either rise up and take your country back or lose it forever.

Soros is a threat to WORLD PEACE. This evil globalist scumbag has nothing better to do than to create civil unrest. Freeze his assets and charge him for his long list of crimes. The sooner, the better.