A – America First
B – Build the Wall!
C – Covfefe
D – Defund Planned Parenthood and Climate Change
E – Exposed Liberal Lunacy
F – Family Oriented
G – {Anti}-Globalist
H – {Buy &} Hire American
I – Illegal Immigrants Unwelcome or ICE, ICE, baby
J – Job Growth
K – Keeping Campaign Promises
L – Lowest Unemployment Rate in years
M – Making America Great Again
N – Non-Establishment
O – {No more} Obama-Care
P – Proud Patriot
Q – Quite Possibly the Greatest President Ever
R – Re-Election, 2020
S – Stock Market is steadily growing
T – Tweets Directly to the people
U – Unaffected by the MSM
V – {Extreme} Vetting, closed borders
W – Winning, Winning, Winning
X – {e}Xpert Media Troll
Y – YUGE Rally attendance
Z – {Red} Zones dominated