When I logged onto Twitter this morning, I was struck by the fact that the Polish people showed more respect and support for our President than the majority of Liberal Americans. They proudly waved the American flag, while Liberal American citizens choose to disrespect the flag by burning it…or worse. The Polish people put Liberal Americans to shame by showing that they understand President Trump’s message to the world. Liberals here whinge and spew hatred while parroting the “talking points” in zombie-like fashion. The never-Trumpers in this country lack the ability to think for themselves. They spend most of their time screeching in protest and shouting down everyone who disagrees with them. While the Polish people demonstrate true patriotism, Liberal America keeps us thoroughly entertained to a point where we don’t have to go to the circus anymore. The circus is now something that happens around us every day, all day long. 🤡

When Donald Trump won the Presidency, there were very few magazines or newspapers celebrating. The ones who featured the President-Elect on the cover did so with negative messages and lukewarm sentiments. The Polish magazine cover would have been a huge improvement over what we actually got. We wanted a commemorative issue of the historic election outcome, but even our local paper didn’t meet our expectations. I wish there were the same level of respect for our President here. Thank you, Poland, for showing our press how it’s done.

After seeing all of the positive footage of President Trump’s reception and speech during his visit to Poland, I wasn’t at all shocked to see the negative side portrayed by Liberal loons. They ignored the warm reception our President and First Lady got from the President and First Lady of Poland. They ignored the crowds of Polish people waving American flags and wearing MAGA hats. They ignored the awesome speech President Trump made to everyone who was watching. So what trivial bullshit did they focus on? A cherry-picked video in which it looks like Poland’s First Lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, snubbed President Trump, who was extending his hand to shake hers. Again, the fake MSM broadcasted the most damning portion of the video, choosing the false narrative, leaving out that the two did eventually shake hands.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised. Liberals are totally incapable of seeing the whole picture. They don’t care about the cherry-picking because it’s all about the part they want to see, not the part that’s left out on purpose. They would rather see something false {as long as it fits in with their beliefs} than to know the truth. My question is, how sad do you have to be that you would rather believe a lie because it’s more comfortable than accepting the truth?

Why this woman is considered a hero and why she has such a public platform is beyond me. I find everything she stands for a disgrace to women and our country. The clueless women who marched with her the day after inauguration should seriously rethink their association with someone who is admittedly pro-Sharia law and pro-Women’s rights. Sorry, she can’t be both. And she needs to be deported because there is no place in America for someone who openly calls for jihad on our President while she asserts that there’s no need for assimilation. Uh…there is. Anyone who is pro-Sharia law should pack up and leave this country.

I’m just leaving this right here because the MSM won’t report on it. Not only has President Trump had more meetings with foreign leaders in the 6 months since he was inaugurated but he also has proven to the rest of the world that he is, indeed, a very capable leader. He has been well received in every country he’s visited but, of course, the Libs will continue to focus on the trivial bullshit…which keeps us entertained. Now where’s my popcorn?

This awesome police officer throws out some great truth bombs. Where are the celebs? Where are the athletes? Why does nobody say anything when a true hero is killed in the line of duty? Why do the thugs get all the glorification? These people have their priorities mixed up. Law enforcement is there for a reason, to protect us from criminals. I’m not talking about the ones who are too corrupt to do their job properly; I’m talking about the ones who genuinely care enough to risk their lives for us. Police officers like this guy and the brave mother of three who didn’t make it home from work the day she died doing her job. R.I.P. Moisotis Familia and God Bless those you left behind. ❤

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