Looking for a good, patriotic home.

This little guy was in a claw machine in a local diner. If I was any good at claw machines, I would definitely have “rescued” him. From his sad expression, he might as well have been wearing a sign that said, “Looking for a good, patriotic home.” All that was missing was his “Make America Great Again” hat.

Our President is pure badass awesomeness.

The great thing about President Trump is he knows how to toy with his adversaries, even if it’s not in a particularly mean way. He knows it doesn’t take much to rile up the Liberals. His tweets are more factual than anything else and they’re solely meant to get people talking. While Liberals are screeching, we on the Trump Train are munching on popcorn, enjoying the free show, wondering when if they’ll ever realize that a sense of humor is a really good thing to have.

The POTUS only knows about WINNING.

Love this quote. The last 8 months has been even more enlightening than the months before the election. The “Never My President” crowd has done absolutely nothing to show the rest of us that we were wrong for electing President Trump. They’ve tried so hard, too. After every failure, they grasp at yet another straw in the hopes that something will stick…but nothing ever does. One would think that they would eventually just give up and focus on more important things…like their LIVES. Seriously. What have the Liberals done in the last 8 months that’s been productive? Protest Riot? Sign meaningless petitions? Screech about what they believe the President has/hasn’t done? Share fake news articles? Shout down people who disagree with them? Liberals have lost sight of the art of living. I’ve heard so many lame-ass things, such as people claiming that they’re gaining weight, can’t sleep, can’t create art/music or refuse to have children because Donald Trump is the POTUS.

Puhlease. My advice is ~ don’t blame other people for the life decisions you make. Nobody is forcing you to scoff down a whole cake. Or stay awake. Or stopping you from being creative. Or having children. Further, maybe if you focused on the things that make YOU happy, you maybe wouldn’t focus so much on the things over which you have zero control.

#TermLimits are our friend.

Okay, Maxine. Let’s work through this insanity, girl. What would have happened IF your mother’d had an abortion? I’ll wait. Did you get it yet? No? Okay. Stay with me here. If your mother would have had an abortion when she was pregnant with you… {whispers} you wouldn’t have been able to march at all. Isn’t that something? Seriously though. Whenever you open your mouth, you only convince us more of the need for term limits.

CNN, the “crime family” years.

Oh CNN, I guess the best answer is beyond your grasp. What’s even more amazing is that you, as a news outlet, believe that you’ve done nothing wrong. You can’t just threaten private citizens like that. Well, you CAN, but it’s wrong on so many levels. The bottom line is, you’ve been well and truly trolled. If you’d left it alone, it would have gone away. Instead, you’ve invited a flood of new memes AND a meme contest, courtesy of Alex Jones! Nice job!

One of these men knows his history. The other is George Takei.

Okay, here’s the thing. I think, in this case, it’s a question of how woke people are. Or maybe not. I guess it depends on how well one knows history. Unfortunately, revisionists aren’t interested in factual accounts of the early days of each party. Watching Hillary’s America was enlightening and I think everyone should watch it or do some other such research into the real history of our country. The Democrats would have everyone believe that Trump supporters are the real racists when, really, they were the ones who were against the abolishment of slavery. Further, the Ku Klux Klan and Red Shirts were both Democratic organizations. Know your history, folks. Stop Liberal indoctrination. That’s how they keep their supporters ~ present and future ~ in the dark. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas knows his history. George Takei, not so much.

{Note: The 1st image belongs to me; all the others are ones I’ve pulled from the Occupy Democrats Logic Facebook page and Twitter. I didn’t create them; I only wanted to include them here so that I could do a commentary on each. If you created any one of the images here and want credit for creation, please let me know and I’ll amend this post accordingly. Thanks!}