See, this right here is why we elected Donald Trump as our President. He, like all who support him, was sick and tired of watching America suffering at the hands of those who don’t give a damn about its citizens. We were being governed by wealthy elitists, who only wanted to bring us closer to the New World Order. These people couldn’t care less about those of us who make up the Heartland of America. There is a disconnect between “wealthy” and “hard working”; the sheer arrogance of these people is sickening. They live in their fortresses, manned with bodyguards, and don’t have to deal with the situations and circumstances the rest of us deal with daily. We’re no longer a united country; it’s “us” vs. “them”. They’re making it virtually impossible for us to co-exist, yet blame us for the divisiveness.

When it comes down to it, it’s good vs. evil. It’s the difference between wanting only what benefits “them” and wanting what benefits {the country as a whole}. A country cannot be governed by an administration who acts only out of selfishness instead of for the greater good of its people. A country cannot be governed by an administration who answers to a greater power other than God. A country cannot be governed by politicians so corrupt that everything  {except their untouched, majestic mansions} crumbles around/on top of its impoverished citizens. A country becomes ungovernable when its citizens resort to civil unrest out of desperation to survive.

Thank God we have someone who understands this. Thank you, President Trump.

Just when we thought she went back in the woods, she decided to remind us that she’s still around, still hungry for a role in politics. And we all collectively rolled our eyes, wishing she’d stayed in obscurity.

Look, I was always raised to try and see the best in people because my mother tried to see the good in people. I don’t hate HRC, but I believe she doesn’t belong in public office, either. We’re talking about a woman whose political career has been riddled with scandal after scandal. It’s not even just about her; consider the people she associates with…and their scandals.

Consider the slimy way she goes about maintaining her innocence ~ “I don’t believe I ever have {lied}”. She’s correct in saying that she doesn’t believe she ever lied…but that doesn’t mean she’s never lied. Consider that she enabled her husband to be a sexual predator while he was President.

Her crimes are too numerous to list here. To her supporters, I would say this: Just because you refuse to believe that she is guilty of her crimes does not mean she’s not. Just because certain MSM outlets have claimed to “debunk” her crimes doesn’t mean they never happened.

Sorry, but anytime an American Mayor goes to a foreign country to participate in a violent protest against a Summit meeting between the World’s leaders, including the POTUS, something is terribly wrong. De Blasio is everything that’s wrong with America today and he certainly doesn’t have the right to come back and resume his job as Mayor. If it were me in charge {sometimes I wish I could be an armchair POTUS}, I would have Homeland Security waiting for him AT THE AIRPORT GATE, with intent to seize his passport, handcuff him and arrest/charge/indict him for treason and replace him with a patriot who cares enough about NYC to fulfill the role of Mayor properly. I would also have him publicly issue a letter of apology to NYC and its Police Department for his failings as their Mayor.

You, DeBlasio, are a disgrace. You took an oath to faithfully discharge the duties of the office of Mayor of the City of New York to the best of your ability.

And nope. You didn’t do that.

It’s pretty bad when 2 World Leaders can’t even muster up a show of diplomacy toward each other. Could the Obama/Putin meeting have happened after Obama promised some “flexibility after the election”? Is their lack of conversation indicative of guilt or some other such vibe? It’s hard to tell, but anything would have been better than the apparent awkwardness. Above all else, President Trump acted with far more grace which is indicative of his business acumen. I prefer a President who holds his own in meetings with other leaders. He commands respect BECAUSE he gives it, too. Thank God we don’t have another apologist in the White House.

I’m ending this post with a video of the POTUS showing that he is not above chasing a Marine’s hat and putting it back on the Marine’s head. The Marine could not move to do so himself out of respect for his Commander-in-Chief, but he also couldn’t stop the wind blowing his hat off. The MSM will trivialize this incident or gloss over it altogether, but we notice. We notice it because of the failings of the former President who lacked the respect and appreciation for the U.S. Military. Obama couldn’t be bothered to raise his arm to salute military personnel. We noticed. We shook our heads in disappointment. We understood the lack of morale in the armed services during the last 8 years. A Commander-in-Chief is there to inspire his troops by showing he respects and appreciates their sacrifices for this country. President Trump has restored that morale within the armed forces and, also, the American people. Those are our family members who have to leave us to serve the country, therefore making it something we ALL sacrifice. We want to know that our President stands with us and cares.

And he does.

Until next time…

The Right Universe