Make no mistake ~ in the months since President Trump was elected, we’ve watched the exposure of fugly true Liberalism. We watched screeching. We’ve heard Liberals say the most idiotic things. We’ve seen epic meltdowns. We have come to realize that, no matter what we do or say, it makes little to no difference to these people.

One of the scariest revelations to come out of this past election is that there are teachers and college professors exposing our children to their insanity. It’s not subtle indoctrination anymore, but full-blown, unhinged forceful propaganda and bully tactics. We, as parents, need more information about the people who are shaping the minds of our children.

Enter Professor Watchlist. According to the website, “this watchlist is an aggregated list of pre-existing news stories that were published by a variety of news organizations.” Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive database of college professors who have been featured in news segments for their beliefs, behavior, etc. It’s not a blacklist website, as its creators declare that  continue to fight for the right of free speech, as well as the right of the professors to say whatever they want. This site is merely a pool of useful information so that parents can make more informed decisions about their children’s education.

Those we entrust to teach our children must respect the opinions of others, regardless of the differences, and, also, believe that it’s wrong to bully those who disagree. Teachers and professors aren’t there to impose radical beliefs or intimidate students who have differing political beliefs. As far as I’m concerned, teachers and professors are there to teach whatever the subject matter with objectivity, and encourage freedom of thought.

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The Right Universe