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Useful For Parents of College Students: Professor Watchlist Make no mistake ~ in the months since President Trump was elected, we've watched the exposure of fugly true Liberalism. We watched screeching. We've heard Liberals say the most idiotic things. We've seen epic meltdowns. We have come to... Continue Reading →


The Reality Of Oppression Imagine living in a place in which 3 generations of a family face imprisonment or death for someone expressing doubt about the "greatness" of a government. Imagine living in a place in which you can be publicly executed for... Continue Reading →

The Last Word On Kathy Griffin

I tried. I really, really, really, really, tried. Honestly. I wasn't going to say anymore about it, but then she did this: And then...I had to. I just had to respond. So here goes. First, I can't even fathom... Continue Reading →

Why Analysis of MSM News Is Important

In the days after the election, someone I considered as one of my closest "friends" suggested that my fiancé and I were KKK sympathizers {who regularly "attend rallies"} and likened us to Nazis, thanks to an article appearing in Newsweek... Continue Reading →

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