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How To Deal With Broken Bonds

Dear Friend, I'm writing in response to something you posted earlier this morning. You said {in so many words}: "If you support our President, UNFRIEND me." You then went on to justify your stance by saying you realize you might... Continue Reading →


Useful For Parents of College Students: Professor Watchlist Make no mistake ~ in the months since President Trump was elected, we've watched the exposure of fugly true Liberalism. We watched screeching. We've heard Liberals say the most idiotic things. We've seen epic meltdowns. We have come to... Continue Reading →

Collection: Tweets Of the Day Van Jones, CNN Political Commentator: "If you're still falling for a selectively edited video tape in 2017, you've not been paying attention." Come on, Van. The PV journalist walked up to you and you said what you said. There... Continue Reading →

Collection: Tweets Of the Day No, CNN. We won't stop using the term "fake news". You are a joke. You don't know the meaning of the word "truth". The proof that has exposed you as fake news has killed your credibility. The Project Veritas... Continue Reading →

The Truth About the Battle We’re Facing Let's get one thing straight. We don't hate. When we stand up for our beliefs, when we speak out against issues, actions, ideologies, beliefs, tragedies, etc., when we effect the changes we want to see in the world, when... Continue Reading →

Letter To the Democratic Party

To the Democratic Party... Stop. Just stop what you're doing. Your chosen candidate for the Presidency lost, fair and square. The Russians didn't force 63+ million patriotic Americans to vote for Donald Trump. We voted for him because we were... Continue Reading →

Collection: Tweets Of the Day Ever since the Women's March the day after President Trump's inauguration, I have struggled with the twisted logic of this "cause", organized by someone who strongly advocates for Sharia Law. The same women who demonized President Trump for the... Continue Reading →

Collection: Tweets Of the Day

Today's post contains a collection of tweets seen on our Twitter news feed, handpicked for commentary of WTF news items. Without further ado... So, apparently one of Saturday's London terrorists appeared in a 2016 documentary about jihadists. He was... Continue Reading →

WTF News Of the Day

Here are our picks of the most outrageous news items we've seen from our Social Media news feeds and a brief commentary for each. Report: Swedish Women Prove Their Tolerance By Having Sex With Refugees - Will those crazy Liberal... Continue Reading →

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